The second edition of our information and promotion campaign entitled “Top quality turkey in the QAFP standard” is aimed at broadly defined promotion of certified turkey meat. Promotional activities we have planned will focus on the dissemination of reliable information and development of consumer knowledge about products manufactured under the QAFP food quality system. As part of the campaign, we will promote a group of products including turkey breast fillet, turkey breast tenderloin, turkey breast fillet schnitzel, turkey thigh stew meat, boned turkey thigh, and slaughter turkeys.

The objective of the campaign is to bring the outstanding qualities of QAFP-certified turkey meat closer to the consumers. Turkey meat breeders, producers, and processors have a common goal in taking the trouble to implement the QAFP system to their farms and production facilities, they wish to guarantee their consumers that the meat they choose tastes best and is of top quality in terms of culinary and nutritional values and that it completely safe for their health.
We also want to make consumers aware of how rigorous the EU regulations are at every stage of production, in line with the “from farm to fork” idea. These requirements guarantee the wellbeing of livestock and thus the supreme quality of turkey meat. We will achieve these objectives by constantly and reliably communicating the highest quality of meat obtained from healthy turkeys that are specialist-fed, and reared in decent conditions.
Through the implementation of the campaign, we will also ensure that the QAFP food quality mark will become recognisable and desirable to consumers when making their everyday shopping decisions.

We hope that our continued campaign named “Top quality turkey in the QAFP standard” will bring us well-educated consumers who with no hesitation will choose QAFP-certified turkey. This choice will guarantee well-being for his entire family with a special focus on a positive health impact.